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Marc Ericksen

38 Don Gabriel Way, Studio 1.
Orinda, CA 94563
United States

Phone: (415)-362-1214

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Style / Techniques
2D •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration •  Modeling •  Storyboard

Advertising •  Background Art •  Branding •  Character Development •  Concept Art •  Environments •  Game Development  •  Packaging Illustration •  Point of Sale •  Print •  Product Development •  Product Illustration

Cartoon •  Comics •  Conceptual •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Realistic •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design

Action Figures •  Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  Interactive •  Robots •  Toys •  Video Games

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Mature 17+ •  Adults

illustration of Capcom contacted me for this action aviationVideo Game cover : UN Squadron. B-1 Stealth Bombers engage enemy defenses accompanied by F-14 Tomcat fighters. illustration of Concept art is often done roughly using quick color to create an environmental mood. Here is an example: a subterranean city, game proposal, MediaGenic. illustration of This full color art was commissioned by Testors Model Kits for their 1-72nd scale model of the SR-75 Penetrator stealth bomber. This aircraft was originally designed to piggyback a shuttle into near space launches. illustration of  Testors needed an Illustration to be done as a companion piece to the SR-71 Penetrator kit, the XR-7 Thunder Dart. The leading edges of the delta shaped wings had to be able to withstand very high atmosphere friction heat, hence the glowing edges.
illustration of I created a series of  sketches like this one to explore Throne concepts for a Sega Genesis proposal. illustration of This game for the DaMert company, called 'Detour!' is an old fashioned fun  family table game. illustration of One of my studio mates, Carl Buell, an ex minor league ballplayer, posed for this when I was  commissioned by GamePro Magazine for their cover featuring Sega's Cyber baseball video game. illustration of By the time this illustration was completed for Micromachines, it constituted a terminal, hard stand, and runway, and included an airliner and various emergency trucks. The art was placed on the front and side panels of this large scale box.
illustration of Here is the Front Cover illustration for Tyco Toys Crash test Daryl blister card. illustration of This is the lead Character for the Tyco Toys famous Crash Test Dummies line of toys, as seen in the art for his blister pack. This entire line of packaging was executed by Howard Temner Design in Manhattan. illustration of A pencil sketch study I did one rainy afternoon when I was bored. illustration of BugWorld Insectarium in Liverpool, England required some themed characters in this proposal: 'Buzz', a little ant boy, and 'Itsey', a little butterfly girl.
illustration of KidFuel Inc. Commissioned me to create a KidFuel cast of characters, and to place them in 4 different adventure scenes for the bottle label art. illustration of Here you see the result of character development for the KidFuel crew, including their science teacher/mentor. illustration of The KidFuel hero and heroine in space. illustration of One of a series, this illustration was for the front of Marvel's Xmen Adventure Box series done through Howard Temner Design, in New York.
illustration of Here is another in the Xmen Series. These toys were fully contained in a small black box, which had moveable spring loaded parts. When the box was opened, it would play out a specific Scenario. illustration of These show the results of quick color sketching while brainstorming with a creative team. In this case, the Franklin Museum requested ideas from Academy Studios for the updating of their physiology wing. Academy contracted me as sketch support for the meetings, and what you see here is a portion of the final presentation. Again, not toys, but certainly interactives with children and families in mind. illustration of Laguna Seca Raceway asked me to produce this race poster by for the Budwieser 500 open competition motorcycle races. It was a fun day with my camera shooting the entrants during the week before the race when they were running practice laps. Those big unlimiteds coming through the turns all out with nothing but a bale of hay between me and them was awe inspiring...and terrifying! illustration of A Star Tours ride is an incredible event with motion, audio, and sensory visual input. The client asked me to try to capture the full effect. The illustration is used on brochures and direct mail pieces.
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