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Steckfigures, Inc.

13956 Bluebird Pond Rd.
Windermere, FL 34786
United States

Phone: (407) 473-5581

Artist's Website


Style / Techniques
Animation •  Illustration

Advertising •  Character Development •  Concept Art •  Package Design •  Packaging Illustration •  Point of Sale •  Print •  Product Design •  Product Illustration

Animals •  Cartoon •  Comics •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design

Action Figures •  Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  Dolls •  DVD's •  Plush •  Puzzles •  Robots •  Toys •  Video Games •  Websites

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  Babies •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Adults

Represented By:

Mike Mendelsohn
American Artists Reps, Inc
1889 Palmer Avenue Penthouse
Larchmont, NY 10538
United States
Rep's Phone: (212) 682-2462

Rep's Website

illustration of greeting card, birthday card, beaver, cute, animal, celebration, wildlife, funny, humorous, rodent, retro, happy birthday, digital, greeting card

illustration of Illustration, Advertising, Character Development, Concept Art, Package Design, Packaging Illustration, Point of Sale, Cartoon, Comics, Humorous, Toys, Boys, Girls illustration of Illustration, Advertising, Character Development, Cartoon, Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Robots, Toys illustration of Illustration, Advertising, Character Development, Animals, Cartoon, Creature Design, Toys, Boys, School Age, Tweens
illustration of barber shoppe quartette, singers, barbers, music, entertainment, tavern, song, singing, moustache, performers
, greeting card illustration of postcard for bbq featuring the world's largest slip'n slide,
pigs, bbq, movie, poster, gatsby, star trek, superman, animal, entertainment, cinema, advertising, greeting card illustration of Client: Tendo Communication, grouchy, grumpy, man, senior citizen, car, auto, sweater, grinch, old man, scrooge, greeting card illustration of alien, girl, fashion, clothing, model, teen, runway, outer space, space, greeting card
illustration of basketball, sports, autograph, player, NBA, dunk, stuff, athlete, fans, jump, greeting card illustration of Cover illustration for 6 page booklet for E*Public Educational publishing in S. Korea. monster, bed, sleep, planet, castle, pillow, night time, cute, retro, digital, greeting card illustration of promo illustration for steckfigures, inc. candy, boogers, child, package design, product, children, boy, kids, food, retro, digital, greeting card illustration of promo piece for steckfigures, inc. cat, kitten, kitty, style, fashion, pet, feline, greeting card
illustration of football, player, touchdown, score, sports, catch, wide receiver, run, NFL, defender, offense, greeting card illustration of dog, pet, smoke, smoking, cigarette, man, funny, retro, digital, greeting card illustration of radio, retro, swingers, dancers, dancing, teens, teenagers, music, songs, speakers, digital, sock hop, greeting card illustration of car, toy, kid, metal, pedal, child, boy, retro, digital, play, greeting card
illustration of lemonade, stand, children, boy, girl, childhood, drink, beverage, fun, kids, cute, retro, digital, greeting card illustration of character spokesman for GitFit USA, athlete, weights, trainer, exercise, african american, weightlifter, muscles, gym, greeting card illustration of snowman, christmas, winter, presents, gifts, ice, rink, ice skates, cold, snow, snowflakes, greeting card illustration of dog, pet, animal ,woman, mom, food, kitchen, fast food, fries, hamburger, soda, drink, eat, meal, dinner, lunch, breakfast, greeting card
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